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Cherry is a long standing classic American hardwood growing pretty much all over the Eastern US and somewhat in the Mid-West. Its a photosensitive wood that darkens with age and develops a wonderful patina as time goes on. It is used primarliy for interior woodworking, but erratic supply lines have made it less prevalent for musical instruments, although Gibson used it for mandolin tops long ago. Since the Europeans over harvested their cherry back in the day, they have been importing ours at a rate that has driven the price up substantially for the American woodworker. When freshly cut, the wood is light pinkish orange, like salmon, but with absorption of UV light becomes a deeper orangey red over time, and contrast between figure and plain areas become enhanced in a way few can resist.

Latin: Prunus Serotina
Location: Eastern North America
Trees: 2-3ft diameter, up to 100ft tall
Names: American Black Cherry
Density: 36 lb/cubic ft.