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Ancient Kauri

The Kauri tree grows all over Maylasia, Autralia, and New Zealand, in various different types. Ancient Kauri, however, refers to specific Kauri trees that have been excavated from an old underground peat bog in New Zealand. These trees have been pefectly preserved in an anaerobic environment for 35,000 - 50,000 years, and were old growth 1200 - 2000 years old at the time some geologic event caused them to be buried. It may as well be from another planet. In recent years the wood has been discovered and unearthed. It is soft yet very fine grained and easy to work.

Latin: Agathis australis
Location: New Zealand
Trees: 5-13ft diameter, up to 150ft tall
Native Names: Tanemahuta (King of the Forest)
Trade Names: Kauri Pine
Density: 36 lb/cubic ft