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Flame Maple

Western Flame Maple is the same as plain Western Maple only there is the added attraction of various types of figuring in the wood. Each type of figure can have a few different names, making the terminology a bit general. There is fiddleback, as pictured, which is also called flame, tiger, or curly maple. Curly can also refer to quilted or blister type figure. Then there is the more organic and free-form figure, which can include burl clusters and spirals along with various types of flame but with no particular organization, as is more common with trees that have endured the weather and enjoyed the soils along the Pacific Northwest coast. Regardless, Westen Flame Maple is the maple of choice for the world's finest stringed instruments.

Latin: Acer macrophyllum
Location: Pacific Northwest
Trees: 2-3ft diameter, up to 100ft tall
Names: Bigleaf Maple, Coast Maple
Density: 40 lb/cubic ft