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When you just need wood to look purple, look no further than Purpleheart, the undisputed King of Purple wood. It is hard and durable, and is used to some degree for bridges and dock pilings in its native regions. When freshly sawn, it is light purple, but quickly oxidizes to a much deeper purple and maybe even a little purply-brown. Some of the figured varieties can be quite striking and irridescent. Whoever named Purpleheart for its latin classification must have been a long long way from home, it would seem.

Latin: Peltogyne pubescens (what?)
Location: Mexico south to Southern Brazil
Trees: 2-4ft diameter, up to 150ft tall
Native Names: Pau Roxo, Koroborelli, Saka
Trade Names: Amaranth, Violetwood
Density: 54 lb/cubic ft