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Originally called Koa-ka by native Hawaiians, the Koa tree can grow in both the lower and upper elevations of its only home, the Hawaiian Islands, though it seems to prefer the higher altitudes where there is substantially more rainfall. While the natives used the wood for pretty much everything, these days it is highly prized for musical instruments, and its price has skyrocketed. It is generally a reddish-brown color but has a very attractive golden glow to it not seen in other types of wood, with the possible exception of its cousin, Tasmanian Blackwood. Flame or fiddleback Koa is in a class by itself and will make one question reality as they know it.

Latin: Acacia koa
Location: Hawaii
Trees: 4ft diameter, up to 85ft tall
Native Names: Koa-ka
Density: 42lb/cubic ft